Saturday, April 01, 2006

My last post

This is it - my last post. And on my husbands laptop. I've have tried hard to learn and blogspot has a conspiracy against me . (just kidding - I think it's my brain that's conspiring against me ) Twice my password has come back incorrect and my genius husband has to fix it for me . I wish for independant computer usage. I'm done , tired of wasting time trying to figure it out. It's a real shame because I just took a bunch of cool pictures and I was actually starting to make friends. (Tracy, I'll get those paper bag book intructions to you through e-mail.)
I'll just give alot of comments now .
The wierd girl who surfs blogs without having one of her own.
I leave you with an image of my earth angels because my life is really just about them now anyway . Christian has shown incredible patience and love towards his sister, even though she has taken alot of attention that was previously his. He loves to teach her things and this moment will forever stay in my heart.

Friday, March 24, 2006

This is my third attempt at posting , An error with the server? I don't know. And I can't find the right time zone so all my posts have been the wrong day and time which bothers me, being inaccurate. I missed my " On the workdesk" monday post this week.

I started something new. I got all these fused glass pieces from and got busy collaging little pictures to glue behind them. I have to practise soldering though. I don't have anything to nice to show but I hope to soon.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Makayla. It shows her beautiful, animated spirit. Her Grammy was trying to read to her but Makayla felt like DANCING!

She amazes me, she's only 20 months old and she knows exactly what she wants. Christian was and still is a little bit different. You can influence Christian's likes and dislikes just by presenting things with a team spirit . He's pretty opened minded and interested in what other people like.( good for now but not so good in teen years I think). Makayla will vehemently disagree with anything anyone suggests ( like this kind of baby doll, or this kind of dress, or try this kind of food ) but will hang on with her teeth to whatever strikes her fancy. ( not so easy right now but really good for the teen years). Both are such neat people. Not just kids to maintain but real people , with real personalities. Christain loves to build things , Makayla loves to sing and dance. Between the two of them Mike and I should be able to retire early as millionaires.

Monday, March 13, 2006

On the Workdesk

More fabric ATC's on the workdesk today and a very organized workdesk, if I may say so myself! I cleaned alot while waiting for a new computer moniter. Oh and you should see it! It's 17 inches with very crisp images. I love it and I'm so glad my husband talked me into the upgrade.

Anyway, I've actually completed quite a few projects and tasks since going without the computer. I learned alittle more about our new camera Mom and Dad got us for Christmas. The macro setting works quite well and for the first time I have seen what some of my work( play ) looks like when photographed well.

Also in the process of organizing a paperbag book class with Mom, two creatives trying to do math can be quite funny. ( If you need 14 kits and 16 4 x 5 pieces of paper and you have 4 12 x 12 sheets of paper for every kit how many 18 page packs of basicgrey do you need? Nevermind- lets go shopping for fiber.)

I've finally gone to the Drs. for my back, leg , knee, and foot pain. The diagonostic reason is Degenerative Disc Disorder. The begining stages of arthritis. A nerve is being pinched between two worn out discs. They say you can do something about it. So it should just be a matter of time. Especially with two to three visits per week and some physical therapy.

I'm thinking about how to teach an art project to some inmates for our churches jail ministry. Using products they can abtain is a challange enough, how to create something that pleases them with no tools seems almost impossible. I thought at first something with beads, vetoed that and now I am wondering about paper projects. ATC's perhaps ? You can tear up images with your hands and maybe use a gluestick and some watercolors. I don't know, anyone have experience with this ?

The stuff I have completed will be posted later.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Corners of my home # 1

I am starting out honest here. Everyone in my family thinks of me as relatively clean and organized. They are wrong and it is a farce I am not going to continue. I only clean and organize what I like , when I like and how I like. Mainly the kids clothing and toys. This picture is the corner of what we call the "utility room". You can see how I literally toss the cleaning tool in the corner when I'm done "cleaning". There is a narrow pathway to these cleaning supplies , past the washer and dryer, past the christmas decorations we can't store in the shed, past the bags of fabric I collect but don't really ever sew. By the time I post this there will be a pile of stuff in front of this jumbled mess and it will be a month or so before I sort it out. This is what I think of cleaning. Honestly.

self-portrait tuesday

I missed it, my first self-portrait tuesday post. What is today anyway? I guess I'll find out after I post this. I wondered which picture to use, thought about going back to the begining as an infant, then chronologically moving forward in time, then realized nobody really cared or in fact was actually reading so I chose this one taken by my son the day our miniswap arrived. This means something to me because amid all the close ups of dinosaurs he took one of his frumpy, crabby Mama. He actually made me look kinda cute !
God- I love this boy!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

coloring their new t-shirts Posted by Picasa

one of the new badly needed aprons Posted by Picasa

ooooh pretties! Posted by Picasa

rat soap! Posted by Picasa

loved the feel of the mystery rock Posted by Picasa

one of three mystery rocks!  Posted by Picasa

shark puppet! Posted by Picasa

pink kitty Posted by Picasa

could hardly wait for me to clear the table Posted by Picasa

dinosaurs by Em ! Posted by Picasa

I cant stand the suspense! Posted by Picasa

Mini Swap Package !

" It's like Christmas ! " my son exclaimed. Boy- was he right ! Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! to our beautiful friends in Los Angeles ; Emily and Kennah and their super Mom, Tracy !
We had such a good time opening these treasures !
I have to say holding these items that another mother created with her hands while thinking of my children, really moved me. Tracy, for having two girls you sure knew how to make my 5 yr old boy very happy ! The mini dinosuars went to the bathtub with him and then were later snuck into bed. He went to sleep in his dinosuar T-shirt and is now wearing it to school. Oh , he also wanted to stay in the bathtub until his rat came out of the soap.
The puppets are beyond adorable although the shark has eaten the pig several times over !
You just have to give me the recipe for the mystery rocks! They were a big hit ! And yes, Makayla ate some ( won't eat the delicous food lovingly prepared for her but will eat a sandy, dirty, icky lump of playdough)
I could go on and on but the computer only allows a few minutes at a time and my main reason for posting is to show off what a good time my kids had with this awsome mini swap.
I encourage all those wondering if it's worth it to get involved and find a swap !

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Has it really been since Valentine's Day when I posted last ?
I remember having trouble with my attempt to add a flickr badge ( unsucessful due to javascript ) , then when I tried to download pictures to our computer it just didn't work . ( Later with a few keystrokes from Big Papa and a simple explanation it worked again. )
Then our moniter started going black in the middle of projects . That's at least $300 to replace !
I'm not going to delete this blog . I really want to be involved .
I think it's just going to be a little more sparodic then I originally planned .

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Boo carving a clay pot Posted by Picasa

That's right! They're tree images! Posted by Picasa

Threads, beads, and fabric!

My second "On The Workdesk".
The metal tags are completed (pictures in Offerings Of )and I am now working on a series of fabric ATC's made from gel transfers onto muslin.
This was a blast ! I set up The Boo in the bathtub with plastic reptiles while The Bug was sleeping. Then I proceeded to iron my little heart out ! With interesting results, some I loved and some I'm going to hide.
I also experimented with ironing pellon and WonderUnder to muslin then temporarily glueing the piece to cardstock and pulling it through the printer from the front with tweezers. That was difficult at first and we almost lost the printer, but I found if you roll the white gear to the side of the paper feed while lifting one of the front flaps the printer will grab on and feed it through itself.
I've seen some printable fabric sold through The Vintage, might be worth it if you have money and the patience to wait. I'll post a picture of those images, in addition to gratuitous cuteness of my kiddos.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

To my new friends from Canada-Em & Kennah Posted by Picasa

Big Papa's snow baby Posted by Picasa

Big Papa & Boo Posted by Picasa


What a wonderous sight! As I opened the curtains to wake Boo for school a delicate dusting of
powder was covering everything!
But to no avail, school was still on.
That cruel injustice did not impede the Big Papa from taking the boy out for a few face
smashing snowballs before the prison carriage came for Boo.
What a youthful spirit. Boo will never forget these moments with his Big Papa.
I've read the success of a man directly correlates to the relationship he has with his father ( or
another dominant male role figure ) .
Big Papa and Boo have developed such a strong bond , they both will weather the storms of life
as a self-supporting team. Efficient and powerful , I can't wait to see what they will accomplish.

Monday, February 06, 2006

This is titled "On The Workdesk". I started crafting tiny metal tags to patina and wire onto bracelets, many ideas flooded in; embossed frames for journal covers, photo corners for scrapbooking, Oh! I could even make my beaded robots skirts!

So I start all that ( you know- cause I had the patina solution out already ) but I had to make a bead that complimented the color of the patina so out comes the clay, which my boy sees and remembers I promised to make him sharp claws.

I am no longer working on an actual surface but layers of projects! I think it's time to clean and take stock over what's an actual order to fill, a personal craft, play, or a gift.

Every monday I will post a picture of my workdesk ( pile, heap, hoard, accumulation ) and you all hold me accountable to what's being achieved and what I'm procrastinating on.

hello ! Posted by Picasa