Tuesday, February 14, 2006


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Threads, beads, and fabric!

My second "On The Workdesk".
The metal tags are completed (pictures in Offerings Of Oddments.blogspot.com )and I am now working on a series of fabric ATC's made from gel transfers onto muslin.
This was a blast ! I set up The Boo in the bathtub with plastic reptiles while The Bug was sleeping. Then I proceeded to iron my little heart out ! With interesting results, some I loved and some I'm going to hide.
I also experimented with ironing pellon and WonderUnder to muslin then temporarily glueing the piece to cardstock and pulling it through the printer from the front with tweezers. That was difficult at first and we almost lost the printer, but I found if you roll the white gear to the side of the paper feed while lifting one of the front flaps the printer will grab on and feed it through itself.
I've seen some printable fabric sold through The Vintage Workshop.com, might be worth it if you have money and the patience to wait. I'll post a picture of those images, in addition to gratuitous cuteness of my kiddos.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

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What a wonderous sight! As I opened the curtains to wake Boo for school a delicate dusting of
powder was covering everything!
But to no avail, school was still on.
That cruel injustice did not impede the Big Papa from taking the boy out for a few face
smashing snowballs before the prison carriage came for Boo.
What a youthful spirit. Boo will never forget these moments with his Big Papa.
I've read the success of a man directly correlates to the relationship he has with his father ( or
another dominant male role figure ) .
Big Papa and Boo have developed such a strong bond , they both will weather the storms of life
as a self-supporting team. Efficient and powerful , I can't wait to see what they will accomplish.

Monday, February 06, 2006

This is titled "On The Workdesk". I started crafting tiny metal tags to patina and wire onto bracelets, many ideas flooded in; embossed frames for journal covers, photo corners for scrapbooking, Oh! I could even make my beaded robots skirts!

So I start all that ( you know- cause I had the patina solution out already ) but I had to make a bead that complimented the color of the patina so out comes the clay, which my boy sees and remembers I promised to make him sharp claws.

I am no longer working on an actual surface but layers of projects! I think it's time to clean and take stock over what's an actual order to fill, a personal craft, play, or a gift.

Every monday I will post a picture of my workdesk ( pile, heap, hoard, accumulation ) and you all hold me accountable to what's being achieved and what I'm procrastinating on.

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