Monday, February 06, 2006

This is titled "On The Workdesk". I started crafting tiny metal tags to patina and wire onto bracelets, many ideas flooded in; embossed frames for journal covers, photo corners for scrapbooking, Oh! I could even make my beaded robots skirts!

So I start all that ( you know- cause I had the patina solution out already ) but I had to make a bead that complimented the color of the patina so out comes the clay, which my boy sees and remembers I promised to make him sharp claws.

I am no longer working on an actual surface but layers of projects! I think it's time to clean and take stock over what's an actual order to fill, a personal craft, play, or a gift.

Every monday I will post a picture of my workdesk ( pile, heap, hoard, accumulation ) and you all hold me accountable to what's being achieved and what I'm procrastinating on.


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