Sunday, March 12, 2006

Corners of my home # 1

I am starting out honest here. Everyone in my family thinks of me as relatively clean and organized. They are wrong and it is a farce I am not going to continue. I only clean and organize what I like , when I like and how I like. Mainly the kids clothing and toys. This picture is the corner of what we call the "utility room". You can see how I literally toss the cleaning tool in the corner when I'm done "cleaning". There is a narrow pathway to these cleaning supplies , past the washer and dryer, past the christmas decorations we can't store in the shed, past the bags of fabric I collect but don't really ever sew. By the time I post this there will be a pile of stuff in front of this jumbled mess and it will be a month or so before I sort it out. This is what I think of cleaning. Honestly.


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