Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mini Swap Package !

" It's like Christmas ! " my son exclaimed. Boy- was he right ! Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! to our beautiful friends in Los Angeles ; Emily and Kennah and their super Mom, Tracy !
We had such a good time opening these treasures ! www.jumillastories.blogspot.com
I have to say holding these items that another mother created with her hands while thinking of my children, really moved me. Tracy, for having two girls you sure knew how to make my 5 yr old boy very happy ! The mini dinosuars went to the bathtub with him and then were later snuck into bed. He went to sleep in his dinosuar T-shirt and is now wearing it to school. Oh , he also wanted to stay in the bathtub until his rat came out of the soap.
The puppets are beyond adorable although the shark has eaten the pig several times over !
You just have to give me the recipe for the mystery rocks! They were a big hit ! And yes, Makayla ate some ( won't eat the delicous food lovingly prepared for her but will eat a sandy, dirty, icky lump of playdough)
I could go on and on but the computer only allows a few minutes at a time and my main reason for posting is to show off what a good time my kids had with this awsome mini swap.
I encourage all those wondering if it's worth it to get involved and find a swap !


Blogger Tracy said...

yay!!! so glad your wee ones enjoyed it! I have goosebumps seeing their smiling faces! The girls are still ga-ga over all their treasures! (What did you use to do the mystery painting? Curious mom needs to know!) I'll email you the rock recipe. (K's new favorite word by the way is "PUuuuRrrrrSE!!!" xo

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