Monday, March 13, 2006

On the Workdesk

More fabric ATC's on the workdesk today and a very organized workdesk, if I may say so myself! I cleaned alot while waiting for a new computer moniter. Oh and you should see it! It's 17 inches with very crisp images. I love it and I'm so glad my husband talked me into the upgrade.

Anyway, I've actually completed quite a few projects and tasks since going without the computer. I learned alittle more about our new camera Mom and Dad got us for Christmas. The macro setting works quite well and for the first time I have seen what some of my work( play ) looks like when photographed well.

Also in the process of organizing a paperbag book class with Mom, two creatives trying to do math can be quite funny. ( If you need 14 kits and 16 4 x 5 pieces of paper and you have 4 12 x 12 sheets of paper for every kit how many 18 page packs of basicgrey do you need? Nevermind- lets go shopping for fiber.)

I've finally gone to the Drs. for my back, leg , knee, and foot pain. The diagonostic reason is Degenerative Disc Disorder. The begining stages of arthritis. A nerve is being pinched between two worn out discs. They say you can do something about it. So it should just be a matter of time. Especially with two to three visits per week and some physical therapy.

I'm thinking about how to teach an art project to some inmates for our churches jail ministry. Using products they can abtain is a challange enough, how to create something that pleases them with no tools seems almost impossible. I thought at first something with beads, vetoed that and now I am wondering about paper projects. ATC's perhaps ? You can tear up images with your hands and maybe use a gluestick and some watercolors. I don't know, anyone have experience with this ?

The stuff I have completed will be posted later.


Blogger Tracy said...

Congrats on the new monitor! Hope your pain is going away. I have to add that my in-laws are completely in awe of those paperbag books - if you do put instructions together to make them, I'd love a copy! all best!

11:22 AM  
Blogger robotjam said...

Hey those ATC's look great. Also thanks for your comments, you are the first person to compare childbirth with carpet destruction !

10:32 PM  

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