Friday, March 24, 2006

This is my third attempt at posting , An error with the server? I don't know. And I can't find the right time zone so all my posts have been the wrong day and time which bothers me, being inaccurate. I missed my " On the workdesk" monday post this week.

I started something new. I got all these fused glass pieces from and got busy collaging little pictures to glue behind them. I have to practise soldering though. I don't have anything to nice to show but I hope to soon.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Makayla. It shows her beautiful, animated spirit. Her Grammy was trying to read to her but Makayla felt like DANCING!

She amazes me, she's only 20 months old and she knows exactly what she wants. Christian was and still is a little bit different. You can influence Christian's likes and dislikes just by presenting things with a team spirit . He's pretty opened minded and interested in what other people like.( good for now but not so good in teen years I think). Makayla will vehemently disagree with anything anyone suggests ( like this kind of baby doll, or this kind of dress, or try this kind of food ) but will hang on with her teeth to whatever strikes her fancy. ( not so easy right now but really good for the teen years). Both are such neat people. Not just kids to maintain but real people , with real personalities. Christain loves to build things , Makayla loves to sing and dance. Between the two of them Mike and I should be able to retire early as millionaires.


Blogger Tracy said...

Sounds like Makayla is a lot like Kennah! NO NO NO! is all we have been hearing lately! I like your positive take on what this means for her teen years!!

2:40 PM  

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