Saturday, April 01, 2006

My last post

This is it - my last post. And on my husbands laptop. I've have tried hard to learn and blogspot has a conspiracy against me . (just kidding - I think it's my brain that's conspiring against me ) Twice my password has come back incorrect and my genius husband has to fix it for me . I wish for independant computer usage. I'm done , tired of wasting time trying to figure it out. It's a real shame because I just took a bunch of cool pictures and I was actually starting to make friends. (Tracy, I'll get those paper bag book intructions to you through e-mail.)
I'll just give alot of comments now .
The wierd girl who surfs blogs without having one of her own.
I leave you with an image of my earth angels because my life is really just about them now anyway . Christian has shown incredible patience and love towards his sister, even though she has taken alot of attention that was previously his. He loves to teach her things and this moment will forever stay in my heart.